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Last weekend was the worst weekend of my life!
This might take forever though.
Oh yea. Free calls or SMS or MMS all day after we reach RM1, right?
Well I went to my cousin Farouk’s wedding on Saturday.
No, it wasn’t the wedding that was the problem.
It started off as a normal family gathering but ended in disaster.
I know! That’s why I’m so mad.
No, that wasn’t the reason.
I’m too fast for the elephant. Guess again.
Was I? No, I’m too smart for that. Guess again.
Ahaha... no that was last month. I made sure I topped up RM5 for the full 30 days this time.
I only wear kebaya during Raya! It was much worse than that.
Urghhh… I just want to forget it =(
OKOK!! I had to sit next to someone I really didn’t want to see!
Well it is if you know who I’m talking about.
The person I can’t stand in class just had to turn up at my cousin’s wedding.
Who do you think it is?
More annoying than Jibam.
More irritating then Zack.
Yes! =_=
But it doesn’t mean I want to see him on the weekends.
Yea!! I called my friend and just freaked out for the whole 3 minutes of my 28 sen call!
That’s why I joined this plan in the first place. Every time I got mad at Mr. OCD in class I would go home and call my friend and blah to her for the whole night!
Now I need to tell you everything.
He held my hand!!
I couldn’t believe it.
It all started with the dessert.
No… He asked me to feed him.
He broke his arm and it was in a cast. So he asked me to help him.
Yea I’ll choose that freebie next time so I can just MMS you all day.
Only one. It was awkward okay?
He said he was in pain, so he couldn’t reach the food.
I am always a nice person.
It’s not what you think it is!
After I fed him, he started crying.
He said he didn’t have many friends at school.
Yea first poor him. Then poor me.
No way! He just… he just put his hand on mine when I wasn’t looking.
YES! But being his friend doesn’t mean I want him to hold my hand =(
Urghh!! I don’t know!! I can’t go to school tomorrow.
I’ve already been traumatised this weekend. The principal is not as scary as Khai right now.
What? No… I can’t! Anyway she’s not on S.O.X. because she’s not a teenager!
If only I could turn back time.
<light bulb> I would go and break his other arm!
LOL. Well if he had two broken arms he couldn’t hold my hand!
I’ll SMS you before I do it.
OK. This is still gonna be the worst weekend EVER.
Promise me you won’t tell anyone about this!!
Oops! I have to go! Talk to you later.
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