Football Fever

Alamak, Jibam secara tak sengaja terkejutkan Sarjan yang panas baran! Tolong Jibam lari merentasi padang bola sepak dengan bantuan kuasa sakti OME Guardians.


This game requires a larger screen. Please use a tablet or a desktop computer.

click here to start
hit the space bar on your
keyboard to make jibam jump!
When Jibam gets caught, you've reach the end.
Be ready for Sliders coming from the
other side. Jump to dodge them.
Answer Henry's english question
correctly to gain extra points.
This mystery box contains a guardian
to help Jibam get out of trouble.
Jojie offers you a speed boost
that last for 5 seconds.
Anusha has a healing tiffin carrier
to help you run away from Sarjan.
See Yew Soon gives immunity
to dodge the Slider once.
Watch out for Mr. Bujang lurking around
the corner! He's there to scare you!
When Jibam gets caught, you've reach the end. Time to tap the spacebar as fast as you can to score!
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0 m
you got caught by Sarjan!
tap the space bar as fast as you can to kick the ball!
0 pt
your score:
good game! you made it to the top 10!! type in your name to submit your high score.
When Jibam climbed over the fence today, he accidentally woke Sarjan from his nap. Now Sarjan is on his tail and Jibam has to keep running away! Help him get to safety across the football field but keep your eyes peeled for what comes up. Call on the OME Guardians for their super powers!