New Adventures!


After SPM, See Yew Soon is mysteriously kidnapped while working on the street. It is revealed that the kidnapper, Mr. A, wants him to run a café business. See Yew Soon seeks the help of his friends Zack and Jibam on this business venture; although initially sceptical, they eventually decide to help their friend. The boys get off to a clumsy start with their first customer, Zul (Kamal Adli), and they end up accidentally creating their first specialty – “Flooded Ro-Tea” - by spilling Teh Tarik on a plate of Roti Canai. To their surprise, it is unexpectedly well received by the customer and the boys now feel confident about running the café. However, they also freak out finding mysterious gift boxes, one of which contains a talking watch called Mia. And little do they also know that, Mr. A has been observing them the entire time.